The best marketing for tutors
Excellent customer service is the best way to sell your services

In the Tutors’ Facebook group the question I’m most frequently asked is what the best marketing for tutors is. It can be a challenge for tutors starting out to grow their business in the right way. There are so many tools, courses, and resources claiming to be the ‘key’ to successful marketing. But there is no question that the best marketing for tutors is excellent customer service.

The best marketing for tutors

All marketing aims to share what you are doing with the right audience, and why they need to buy it from you.

But while we’re trying to share that, the entire commercial world is doing the same thing. Customers get used to filtering out clear ads from view.

Which means that the best marketing for tutors is happy customers who are happy to refer your services to their friends. Those friends are most likely to be just like them. They value a recommendation from a friend over any advertising. Its a powerful selling resources.

Understand your target client

It is essential to truly understand who you are talking to in your marketing. Offer what they truly need, and communicate in a way that will resonate with them.

This will be a work in progress throughout your time in business, and you may even change direction. I make sure to understand all of my clients . Look for anything they have in common in order to better understand them. I seek their feedback on their experiences with studies and anxiety to give me ideas on how I can further help them.

How can you deliver a quick tutoring win

Building a positive relationship early can make a big difference with your clients. When I first talk with a potential client I seek to offer them something I can offer for a quick win. For example advice, a referral or a particular resource that will help them. Even if it turns out that you can’t support them with what they need, they’ll still have a positive view of you. They will still be willing to refer you to others. It can also help you to refine what you offer as it relates back to my first point – understand what your client needs.

You can see more about my initial consultation with clients at

Let them see you care

This customer service does not end once tuition is confirmed. It is important to make an effort to connect with your students and their families. Really understand the problems they are facing. Each family is unique, but many of the problems they face overlap between clients. For the family, their situation is entirely unique. They don’t face exam preparation (or whatever you are supporting them with) on an annual basis, as you do. Your insight is more valuable to them than you may realise. You would do well to share it when you see fit.

You might also send messages of encouragement, seasonal cards, or even gifts to let them know you are thinking of them outside of lessons and invoicing. It means more than you might think to know that you are seen as a person and not just a client.

Check in with them regularly

Make a dedicated effort to ask your clients and students how they are doing. Its all very well having this as part of your onboarding sequence, or email automation, but there is nothing quite like a personal conversation to see how people are really doing. There may be little concerns that don’t warrant an email or an impersonal form response. You will learn a lot more about your customers and how you are meeting their needs if you give them the time to trust you are interested in hearing it.

Delivering excellent tuition is the minimum a customer expects from a tutor. What more can you do for them?

Don’t forget them when their tuition is complete

While it is important to give your time to your paying clients, they don’t drop off the face of the Earth when their tuition is complete. Remember to check in occasionally. Remember their birthdays and send messages or cards. Send well wishes as they move through the steps of their academic career, and forward anything you think may be of interest to them. This doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time. A couple of messages per year will more than suffice. It will help them to see that you remember them as more than a client, and their family is important to you. They’ll be very happy to refer you to any friends and family, and will keep you in mind for as long as you are in touch with them.

Ultimately the best marketing for tutors is to really understand and support your clients in the best possible way. The better you understand them, the better you can support them. The more impact you can have for them, and turn them into your biggest cheerleaders.

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