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Law Hound – Bespoke Legal Services at Low Cost

This has been a disruptive year for tutor agencies, who were perhaps expecting a more productive year out of lockdowns!

EAS enforcement changes have meant that tuition business working with multiple tutors fall under the category of employment businesses, and have to update their contracts, policies, and processes accordingly.

If you’ve missed this, or your not sure of the details, you can read more on the very helpful Law Hound blogs. and my summary of EAS Compliance.

Legal Support For All Tutors

For independent  tutors as well as agencies, correct and clear legal advice is a must. Building a business takes passion and a commitment of your time and money. We want to be confident that that commitment is protected by having the right legal documentation and processes in place. We will all have occasion to seek legal advice at some point in the course of our business. And so I’m glad to say recommend Law Hound for all of your legal needs. 

I have personally reached out to the team at Law Hound on several occasions and they have always been prompt, kind, and clear in their support. 

You can access their services at the link below. 

More Information and Offers from Law Hound

We believe that law is not just for big businesses. Every business needs legal documents and support.

We don’t just sell legal templates. We provide walk through guidance videos, training, and support. We explain what a document is, does and why it’s needed. We also give practical tips and advice about using it in your business. We want users to understand and feel confident about the law. Upgrades are available for purchasers to access 1-2-1 legal help too.

Most providers don’t offer this additional support.

We’ve also introduced our

Ask any legal questions you need to put  your mind at ease in a one to one call.


What are the Toolkits?

Toolkits are a “mix of essential legal documents, practical know-how and video on demand and support, helping you confidently grow and protect your business.”

Each toolkit includes legal documents that every business must have – and they’re much more than that. Toolkits are divided into sections that make navigation easy.

Each section has background information, documents, video guidance and practical business support and tips. So before using a document we provide:

  • Bite size training – background information about the law
  • Guidance about what a document is and does
  • Explanations about how the document impacts on the business
  • Explainer videos going step-by-step through a document so they can be personalised
  • Practical advice and tips about how to use the documents to grow and protect businesses

 This is all based on over 30 years’ experience as lawyers advising business and personally starting, growing and running businesses.

We’ve done it this way because using a lawyer shouldn’t be reserved for only those with a big budget. Every business deserves to feel confident about the law, understand it and how it works for their business.

We have three types of toolkit:

(1) Starter Toolkits

Our Starter Toolkits are Speciality Toolkits are written especially for those who are running a particular type of business. For example, the legal documents for coaches apply to many aspects of running coaching businesses. They contain the basics which every business needs, including Business Terms and Conditions and the documents which you must have on your website. Premium Toolkits include Data Protection documents and guides. Our current Starter Toolkits are:

(a) For Coaches

COACHES – Starter Legal Documents Toolkit

(b) For VA’s

Virtual Assistants STARTER Toolkit – VA’s Essentials Legal documents

Premier VA Toolkit

This is a Starter Toolkit which also includes a Data Protection Toolkit

(c) For Service Businesses such as consultants, trainers etc

Service Business Toolkit

(2) Speciality Toolkits

These toolkits work perfectly when added to one of the Starter Toolkits. However, they also work well if you need documents and information about a particular aspect of law and business, such as Data Protection. Our Current Speciality Toolkits include:

For all businesses:

Data Protection GDPR – Essential Toolkit

Debt Collection Management Toolkit

Hire a Freelancer Toolkit


NDA CONFIDENTIALITY TOOLKIT – Protect your business information

Running a Company Toolkit

Website Policies Toolkit



HR Pack Toolkit – Staff Handbook and Employment Contracts

Step-by-Step Practical Redundancy Training and Letters Toolkit – making l to 19 employees redundant

For Tutor Businesses:

Operating as a Tutor Agency


Operating as a Tutor Agency and/or a Tutor Business 



Operating as a Tutor Agency Business 


Operating as an Independent Tutor

Tutor Hub – business and legal documents for tutors

(3) Complete Toolkits

We currently have two complete toolkits

(a) For any service businses

Law In Minutes Club

(b) For Coaches

Coaches’ Legal Docs Premier Toolkit

Value for money 

Most businesses will need all the legal documents in the complete toolkits. Buying these separately would cost well over £1500 for the documents alone. We will be adding additional bonuses including:

  • Guides and background information
  • Law In Minutes Community – which means networking and meeting new businesses
  • Q&A Support – asking any legal and business questions for specialist answers
  • Support – being able to ask questions to the lawyers who wrote the documents and guides.

Tutor Hub - business and legal documents for tutors

Tutor Hub contains the essential legal documents, practical know-how and video on demand support to help you run your business as a tutor.

  • All the documents, guides and videos support you need
  • Written specifically for independent tutor businesses
  • 12 months’ access
  • One single payment
  • £125 + VAT

Exclusive 20% off with code Georgina2022

Template Legal Documents for a Tutor Employment Business

The essential mix of practical legal and business documents with guided support. Meet the new changes, grow and protect your Tutor Agency.

  • Essential documents, guides and videos support you need
  • Written for Tutor Agency operating as a Tutor Business
  • 12 months’ access
  • One single payment
  • £395 + VAT

Exclusive 20% off with code Georgina2022

Social Media Templates

Consistently creating engaging content for your social media channels can be a nightmare.

It is so much easier to use content that you already know works because it has been tried and tested. 

Kimba is an experienced marketing, social media, and gamification expert, so when she produces engaging content for social media you can be sure she knows what she’s doing.

She’s produced a pack of social media templates that you can use to increase engagement on your accounts and convert more customers without having to pay for ads. 

I’ve been using these on my own platforms since they were launched. They’re very easy to customise to my brand, can be scheduled in Creator Studio, and give me engaging content with minimal planning. 

These are a great tool to add to your marketing toolkit. 

Did you catch Kimba’s presentation in the Tutors Need Tutors Facebook group? If not, you can catch up here.

Qualified Tutor Credentials

Qualified Tutor are commited to raising standards in tuition, and offer fantastic online interactive training courses for tutors. I have completed both the CPD-Accredited training and the Level 3 Qualification, and despite having many years of experience it taught me a great deal.
The Courses lead to externally recognised qualifications that you will have for the rest of your life. As many of us have now learned, tuition is something we can always do from our homes and as an aside or addition to our regular jobs.
You can get a 15% discount with our code VG8P5QGR. The cost of the discounted course is either £145.25 for a CPD course or £221.00 for the Level 3 Award in Education and Learning.
Finally, if you are not sure which course is right for you, take a look at the summary below. 

The Level 3 Qualification for Tutors is for ambitious tutors who appreciate the importance of continuous professional development and reflective practice. This course will allow you to think about the big ideas in education today and engage in a professional dialogue with like-minded people.

This qualification is the Level 3 Award in Education and Training, internationally accredited by Ofqual. Completion will provide you with the Qualified Tutor Quality Mark, which will help to set you apart as a Qualified Tutor.

The CPD-Accredited Tutor Training is for tutors who want to gain foundations in teaching and learning within a supportive professional development community. It will help tutors to think like an educator, and make a real difference for students.

This 4-week online facilitated course combines self-paced content with live online meet-ups to create the ideal blend for adult learners, across 4 Units ranging from safeguarding for tutors to building successful relationships to barriers to learning.

Matthew Hughes

Matthew Hughes is the self-proclaimed King of Video.

In 2013 he started his video company that he ran for 7 years creating video globally for one man bands through to billion dollar companies.

In 2019 he started the King of Video brand to help small business owners and entrepreneurs confidently and consistently create video content he does this with his Facebook Live 5 day challenge, the YouTube Bootcamp and in the King of Video Academy his online membership site.

His Content Repurposing School aims to help you dominate Social Media By Creating 49 Pieces Of Content From ONE Signature Video.

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