Empowering Educators in STEM

Shining a Light on Incredible Women in Science

Join us for an enlightening webinar that celebrates the achievements of women in science and explores ways to address gender imbalance in STEM fields.

Inspiring Stories

Discover the groundbreaking contributions of women scientists who have transformed our world.

Interactive Discussions

Engage in meaningful conversations about the challenges and opportunities for women in STEM.

Future Pathways

Learn how we can support and encourage the next generation of women in science.

Tuesday, 9th July, 6-7pm UK Time

Come and explore the life and accomplishments of extraordinary women in science who, in spite of many challenges, produced groundbreaking discoveries transforming the planet. In this presentation and group discussion, we’ll uncover their stories and explore how their work has changed all of our lives. We’ll also look at how far we have still to go, and what we can all do to address the imbalance. Join us as we shine a light on their incredible stories and honour their legacy while exploring the limitless potential of women and girls in STEM.


Event Significance

Why This Webinar Matters

Our webinar, ‘Shining a Light on Incredible Women in Science,’ aims to highlight the pivotal contributions of women in STEM fields. Despite facing numerous obstacles, these women have made groundbreaking discoveries that have shaped our world. This event will delve into their inspiring stories and the lasting impact of their work.

By attending this webinar, educators will gain valuable insights into the historical and ongoing challenges women face in STEM. The purpose of this event is not only to educate but also to inspire action towards greater gender equality in science and technology. Join us in this important conversation and help us pave the way for future generations of women in STEM.

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