About us

Welcome to the home of Green Tutors, GCSE and A level maths and science tuition to help you Turn GCSE & A level Stress into Exam Success.


One-on-one tuition

In your own home (lockdown permitting), online, or in our office, we offer personalised tutor services from our experienced and DBS checked tutors to make sure you have all the tools you need to succeed in your exams.

Group tuition

Small group sessions can offer a real boost at a reduced cost to help students get on track for their exams. 

This will be available for GCSE Foundation Maths from March 2022.

Why Choose Us?

Learn At Home

Our tutors are able to travel to you within their local area (~30 mins travel radius) so you can have the personal tuition experience without leaving home.


100s of online resources

All of our lesson materials are saved in a Google Drive, shared with students and their parents. So you can access your work at any time,


Regular Support

Your tutor is dedicated to your success. They’re available by email through the week to help with any challenges you face.

Online Community

We curate a Facebook group to help parents support their children through the challenges GCSEs bring for the whole household. You can join now for free here.

Expert Tutors

All of our tutors have a passion for STEM, having studied degrees and/or worked in STEM careers. They are all DBS checked and provided with training, including access to the Qualified Tutor training.

Online Tutoring

We can deliver all of our lessons via Zoom so all you need is an internet connected device to connect to our tutors from wherever you are.

Our Focus

Green Tutors provide education support to young students to academic success, and inspire them to pursue their STEM dreams with a tutor team qualified and working in STEM roles.

STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths, and is a growing and exciting field sadly lacking in female graduates.

We work to build your child’s confidence, self-esteem, and their independence, teaching them effective self-study methods that they can carry into their higher education.

​Our primary responsibility is to the student. In meeting their individual needs, we hold ourselves accountable for high quality. We make efforts to understand each student as an individual and to treat them with respect.

​We learn what motivates them, and what holds them back, and use that to build a study plan they can stick to with the support of our tutor team. Our tuition is designed to give them a fair opportunity to achieve their full potential.

​Georgina has been tutoring since school, and running Green Tutors since March 2011, working with over 100 students alongside recruiting and training a fantastic team of tutors.

​Georgina also coaches independent tutors to build their business online.

Georgina Green

Georgina Green

Fully booked until June 2023

Georgina is the company owner, and has been a tutor in Hertfordshire since 2012. She is a scientist with a degree in Forensic Science. She volunteers with STEMNet (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths network) delivering STEM workshops and careers events in secondary schools. She also leads the Qualified Tutor Science Specialists Hub. She attends careers events and science lessons in local schools to help promote interest in these subjects. 

Qualifications: UWE, Bristol (2005) – BSc Forensic Science, Professional Affiliate of the Chartered College of Teaching

Location: Stevenage

Subjects offered: GCSE maths and biology

Availability: Monday to Thursday from 11am

Tasnim Alam

Tasnim Alam


Tasnim is an online Maths and Biology tutor based in Luton. She is currently completing her degree in Pharmacology. She has a very strong background in Biology and Maths and also has previous
experience in tutoring these subjects. Throughout her tutoring experiences she has built key skills to engage and encourage students to help them achieve their highest potential. She also loves art and enjoys making canvases alongside her university studies. Tasnim is able to offer online classes for GCSE Maths and Biology and home tutoring in Luton.

Qualifications: BSc Pharmacology

Location: Luton & Online

Subjects offered: A-Level Biology, GCSE Maths, physics, Biology, KS3 Science

Availability: Mondays, Tuesday and Wednesday 3pm – 8pm & weekends

Carl Joslin

Carl Joslin


Carl joined the Green Tutors team in 2020 to tutor A level maths, GCSE maths, KS3 maths, and computer science.

Carl is an expert in computer languages having studied a degree in Computer Science. He is also a maths fan, and his degree included a significant amount of mathematics.

Qualifications: BSc in Computer Science – 1st Class Honours

Location: Stevenage & Online

Subjects offered: Maths & Computer Science to university level

Availability: Weekdays daytime and evening appointments

Read More: https://greentutors.co.uk/meet-the-tutor-carl/

Kirsten Legg

Kirsten Legg


Kirsten has a passion for biology, and is so keen to share this with our students that she has commited to tutoring full-time.

Qualifications: First Class BA in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge, PhD in Chromosome and Developmental Biology from the University of Oxford, Level 3 qualification in Education and Training

Location: Nottingham

Subjects offered: A level biology

Availability: Evenings from 2-8pm

Read more: https://greentutors.co.uk/meet-the-tutor-kirsten/

Sarah Patterson

Sarah Patterson


Sarah Patterson is a recent graduate from Imperial College, joining the Green Tutor’s team in 2020. We asked Sarah about her academic and career experience, and her career advice for students. When asked why she wanted to be a tutor, Sarah replied: “I want to help students achieve their academic goals and support them through their A-level and GCSE qualifications.”

Qualifications: First Class MSci Chemistry degree with a Year in Industry from Imperial College London

Location: London

Subjects offered: GCSE Chemistry, Biology and Maths

Availability: Wednesday evening from 7pm

Read more: https://greentutors.co.uk/meet-the-tutor-sarah/

Nana Asare

Nana Asare

FULLY BOOKED until June 2022

Nana Asare is a recent chemistry graduate from Imperial College London and is currently working within the Bio-pharma industry.

When not working Nana enjoys volunteering, going to concerts/gigs, and to the theatre.

Qualifications: MSci Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry and a Year in Industry at Imperial College London

LocationLondon & Online

Subject offered:  A level chemistry, GCSE maths & biology

Availability: Monday to Thursday evenings from 7pm, Sunday afternoon

Read More: https://greentutors.co.uk/meet-the-tutor-nana/

Parth Upadhyay

Parth Upadhyay

FULLY BOOKED until June 2023

Parth is a Mechanical Analysis Engineer at Airbus. He is also a Senior Mentor at Space School UK, hosted through the University of Leicester. He is passionate about science & engineering (particularly in Space industry) and looks to inspire/mentor students for future studies in engineering and space industry.

Qualifications: Masters in Aeronautical Engineering with the Diploma in Industrial Studies

Location: Stevenage & Online

Subjects offered: GCSE Maths, A level mechanics and pure maths, KS3 Science, GCSE Computer Science,11

Availability: Evenings from 7pm

Luke Whitaker

Luke Whitaker

FULLY BOOKED until April 2022

Luke is a scientist, with a PhD in Chemistry, and a first class degree in Chemistry at The University of Manchester. Previously, he has tutored in science and maths, before relocating from Yorkshire to Hertfordshire.

Qualifications: PhD Chemistry with Industrial Experience

LocationHitchin & Online

Subjects offered: GCSE Maths, physics, A level chemistry

Availability: Monday to Thursday evenings from 5.30pm

Elan Mistry

Elan Mistry

FULLY BOOKED until June 2022

Elan is currently researching the synthesis of ammonia through photo-electrochemistry. He was also awarded First Prize in a writing competition hosted by the IChemE London & South East Young Members’ Forum answering, ‘How is Chemical Engineering Addressing a Global Issue?’.

Qualifications: BSc & ARCS in Chemistry, MRes in Nanomaterials (achieving a Distinction), from Imperial College London, PhD Candidate in Chemical Engineering at UCL

LocationLondon & Online

Subjects offered: A level maths, chemistry, physics, GCSE biology

Availability: Weekday evenings

Read More: https://greentutors.co.uk/meet-the-tutor-elan/

James Sanderson

James Sanderson

FULLY BOOKED Until June 2022

James is a specialist graduate marker for A level Chemistry. He volunteers as part of STEMNet to deliver science workshops in local schools. He also works full-time in a synthetic chemistry lab.

Qualifications: PhD in Pure and Applied Chemistry, MChem Chemistry with Industrial Experience

LocationStevenage & Online

Subjects offered: Chemistry up to A level

Availability: Monday and Tuesday evenings. Occasional weekends.