GCSE Success Programme

Turn GCSE Stress into Exam Success
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Give your child confidence and control for their GCSEs

Is your child…

Finding it hard to get motivated for their GCSEs?

Getting distracted by everything when it comes to revising? 

Feeling sick with exam nerves and anxiety?

Struggling to get into a routine with their revision?

Wondering why they need to be revising in the first place? 

Are you a parent…..

Wanting to make the revision process as stress free as possible? 

Looking to support your teenager throughout the process?

Worrying that you won’t be able to give them the support they need ? 

Anxious that exam stress may be too much for them? 

Then I have something that will help you…

The GCSE Success Programme


This brand new, programme has been specifically curated for student success in their 2023 GCSEs.

Designed to build independent learners, this programme will leave your child confident, in control, and ready for their exams in under 8 weeks.

It also includes content for parents to learn exactly what to expect through the exam process, and how they can manage their own anxieties for their child.

What to expect

The programme is delivered with parents and students in mind.

There is an eight week course of self-paced materials for students to learn revision skills, wellbeing essentials, time management, and essential study tips.

We follow our own G.R.E.A.T success formula, tried and tested over a decade of tuition. This will give them confidence in their ability to prepare for exams, and help them to take control of their studies.

All of our experience shows that students who develop these independent study skills perform better in their exams, and with less anxiety.

In a never-before seen partner programme, parents will also have access to resources to support them through the journey.

It is a well-known but often overlooked fact that parents often feel more anxiety on behalf of their child than the child feels themselves, and yet the support offered is all targeted at the student.

Not on this programme.

You will have access to dedicated support for parents of GCSE students (without the homework – you don’t need anything else to do!).

What you’ll gain

Getting Set Up

We start by setting up the right environment for productive work at home, getting organised with folders and notes, and collecting important dates and resources.

Getting Motivated

Banishing the motivation myth, we use a strategy that actually works to give students endless motivation to revise.

Get Scheduling

Having taken control of their goals, students will take control of their time with effective scheduling strategies for their term and holiday time.

Get Revising

Sitting down to study isn’t effective until you know how G.R.E.A.T. revision works. We cover effective study strategies backed by science.

Implementation Time

With an intentionally scheduled break week during half term, we’ll leave time to implement what has been covered while being on hand to offer support as needed.

Supporting Wellbeing

Life isn’t all about work. We cover the health and wellbeing pillars to keep balanced through periods of stress and build resilience.

Building Good Habits

It takes time to make changes, with lots of little steps leading to big leaps. We’ll focus on the small steps to make daily to success.

Preparing for the Exam

Ultimately we’re preparing for an exam, so we’ll cover how to prepare for a busy exam period without getting overwhelmed, and some tips for success in the exam room.

Programme Bonus Materials

I really want you to succeed, and so expect for the price you’ll get access to the below:

  • fantastic course materials (worth £200)
  • parent programme (worth £200)
  • parent support group (priceless)
  • template schedules (worth £60)

Total value: £460+

You can access all of this for £150!!

Who Am I?

Georgina Green

Georgina Green - Programme Leader

Georgina is the company owner, and has been a tutor in Hertfordshire since 2012. She is a scientist with a degree in Forensic Science. She volunteers with STEMNet (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths network) delivering STEM workshops and careers events in secondary schools. She also leads the Qualified Tutor Science Specialists Hub. She attends careers events and science lessons in local schools to help promote interest in these subjects.

Qualifications: UWE, Bristol (2005) – BSc Forensic Science, Professional Affiliate of the Chartered College of Teaching, QT Accredited Tutor.

What Parents Say

My daughter is struggling with maths and Georgina is really helping her to make sense of it! Georgina helped our son to pass his exams a few years ago, and so we can highly recommend green tutors!!

Tracey, Stevenage


My daughter's confidence increased whilst working with her tutor to the point she passed the test she was worried about. Her tutor had a great way of helping her make sense of the subject and putting her at ease. I have already recommended Green Tutors as I was thoroughly impressed.

Tracy, Scotland


The tuition received was very well delivered and very professional, subject delivered in a way that could be easily understood. Highly recommended

Vishal, Stevenage


Green tutors are very flexable and well worth their fee! My daughter has has gone up nearly 2 grades in her maths. she also feels a lot more confident when it comes to maths! Her tutor Moses is great with her and I often hear her laughing with him which means she's enjoying learning! would definitely recommend!

Katy-Louise, Letchworth


Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a tutor. Is this different?
Excellent! This will give your child even more value from their tuition sessions.

When working with a tutor, they can ask the tricky academic questions, and be guided down their learning journey. But ultimately a tutor should be leading them towards learning independently.

This course will support them with that journey, teaching them independent study, motivation, and organisational skills that they will carry with them long after their school journey has finished.

Is this for parents or for students?
The programme is for students preparing for their GCSEs, but there is an additional partner programme set up to support parents, and a separate channel to allow parents to ask any questions they would like to.

I have included this because parents often struggle with anxiety for their child in the run up to exams, but don’t have the same support system or necessarily anyone to turn to with questions.

It also means that you can see what is covered in the programme for your child at your leisure. I know you’re busy!

How much time does it take to complete the course?

The modules are varied but are around one hour to complete per week.

However the aim is that implementing the practices covered in the course, students will get back time that they may have wasted with ineffective planning and study practices.

Additionally the video content can be watched at their own pace, so there’s no pressure to ‘keep up’ with the programme pace.

This course can help: 

  • Your teenager feel confident in revision so that the whole process doesn’t seem so daunting 
  • Your teenager understand the tools and techniques for successful revision so they feel ready as exams approach 
  • Your teenager feel less disorganised about revision so that they can put a plan in place that suits them, school and home life
  • Your teenager understand why revision is important, so they feel prepped for the coming months