Fun Stuff for Tutors

Tutors Need Music

It is important to take breaks and time for ourselves.

Often tutors work from home and schedule lessons back to back.

I like to take a mental break before my lessons, turn off notifications, and listen to uplifting music for 30 minutes.

I’ve put together this playlist so that you can do the same thing.

Online Book Club for Tutors

As educators, we know that learning and development are an important part of daily life. But it is hard to find the time to attend courses, training events, watch videos, or read books.

Audiobooks have been a fantastic source of professional and personal development for me, so I’ve set up the Online Book Club for Tutors to share our best finds and recommendations.

If you don’t already have an Audible account, you can sign up free for 30 days by clicking on the banner below.

You can see the books on the 2023 book club at this link:

Come and join the book discussion in the online community for tutors at

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