Luke has been tutoring maths and science with Green Tutors since 2018, and always has a full calendar thanks to his commitment to helping students to do their best.

In that time he’s been tutoring weekly with Green Tutors alongside working a scientific role, and completing his Ph.D. He knows how to balance his workload for success!

We asked him about his academic and work life so far, and his top tips for students just getting started on their study journeys.

What is your current role?

Senior Scientist at Illumina

What did you study to get here?

Maths, further maths, chemistry, and physics at A level, Chemistry Masters Degree at university, Organic chemistry PhD

Is this what you always wanted to do?


What kind of student were you at school?

Quiet and hardworking

Did you have a tutor?


How did you decide what to study?

I followed the subjects I was good at and chose the one with the most appealing career prospects

Have you made any mistakes along the way to your current career?

Oh, all the time! All you can do is learn from them and don’t do them again though.

Did you make any mistakes or have any setbacks in your career path?

I didn’t get the grades to go to my first or second choice university and almost had to go through clearing.

I’d put two universities that had the same grade requirements and narrowly missed out. Thankfully Manchester was more flexible than York and the rest is history!

What are your top three tips for GCSE students?

Work hard, experiment with new ways to learn and most importantly, enjoy your free time as much as possible

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