All of the team at Green Tutors are passionate about STEM education. We’ve all chosen to study and work in STEM fields, and choose tuition to share our passion for learning STEM with our students. STEM learning, and student wellbeing are the two pillars that this company is built on.

So it will be no surprise that we’ve accumulated a LOT of STEM resources and connections in STEM education since starting business in 2012.


STEMazing is the creation of Alexandra Knight, and its mission is to empower women in STEM to shine and inspire young people to become our next generation of innovators and problem-solvers. Alexandra Knight is an award-winning engineer, presenter and diversity advocate. She is a Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Fellow of the Women’s Engineering Society, a Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor at Brunel University and a STEM Ambassador.

One of the reasons girls do not consider careers in STEM is because there are not enough visible role models. I was lucky enough to join the STEMazing Women Inspiration Academy in 2022, and became one of the role models delivering live online STEM sessions to three different primary school classes. Here is my role model video.

The STEMazing Kids Club allows you to bring interactive STEM sessions into your home. They’re targeted at primary aged children, but I had a lot of fun doing them at the age of 38, so they’re fun for everyone.

STEM Learning

I have been a STEM Ambassador with STEM Learning for more than a decade now. They deliver support for STEM learning across the UK in a variety of ways, including teacher CPD (continuing professional development) in STEM subjects, bringing STEM role models into schools as part of the STEM Ambassador Programme, and providing bespoke, long-term support for groups of schools through ENTHUSE Partnerships.

Schools can register to receive free support from STEM Ambassadors, or use the resources on the website. They also offer a directory of various other STEM resources across the internet.

As they have been providing this support for a long time now, they’re experts in supporting barriers to STEM Learning, and a very hard-working team.

Little Crafters Boxes

Little Crafters Boxes is the work of Radha Borthayre, a former GCSE and A level computer science working with SEN students who found the boundaries of mainstream education did not have space for her creative teaching style. With an already successful business making wood-based gifts and craft materials, Radha combined her talents to deliver a monthly STEM subscription crafts box for home educating families. The business has grown to provide a wide range of resources for all families, and is a great way to inspire your little people to learn and try new things.

Sublime Science

Making sweets and slime as science experiments from the Beaches of Sydney right through to the Australian Bush (in a pickup truck no less!) was the ‘slightly’ unusual inspiration for Sublime Science! After ‘Mad Marc’ had been a Professional Science Communicator (maker of slime & launcher of rockets!) across the UK, Canada and Australia & been a ‘real’ teacher in a school in Nottingham… inspiration struck. Why not pick out all the best, most fun, most exciting science experiments learnt over the years, all over the world, and put them all together?… Sublime Science was born!

‘Mad Marc’ featured on Dragon’s Den with his unforgettable science parties, bringing STEM learning to the most memorable of childhood experiences. You can now book a Sublime Science party over most of England, or get a copy of their eBook to learn how to deliver your own.

Inspiring the future of STEM learning is critical to our future and our childrens’ futures. The problems of today will be solved by the next generation, and they should be encouraged to develop a lifelong love of learning about the world around them.

For more resources and guidance on supporting your child with their maths and science GCSEs sign up for the free guide here.